CreaTec Fischer & Co. GmbH, founded in 1992, is an established manufacturer of customized and application-oriented components and systems for ultra-high vacuum (UHV), evaporation, manipulation and instruments. 30 years of experience in design, construction and production of UHV equipment allow us to implement complex customer requirements.

The low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope (LT-STM) is an essential part of CreaTec’s product range. In addition to its nanoanalytical capabilities it allows the precise manipulation of atoms and molecules at temperatures from 1.5 to 300K. We have continuously developed this instrument to three different scanning probe systems: 4K LT-STM/AFM, a combined 4K LT-STM/AFM and a 1K LT-STM/AFM system. All these microscopes offer ultimate STM, STS and IETS performance including one of the longest LHe hold times, extremely low drift rates, outstanding stability and various possibilities for optical access to the tunnelling junction from UV to THz. The fully compatible low-temperature atomic force microscope (AFM) allows simultaneous measurements of force and tunneling current without cross-talk using constant frequency or constant height control.

CreaTec evaporators are used in evaporation systems to generate ultrapure molecular and atomic beams from a large variety of elements and compounds. The operating temperatures can range from -80°C to 2400°C leading into thermal evaporation applications suitable for MBE, perovskite deposition, investigations on dipolar quantum gases and ultracold atoms or high temperature evaporation via our patented TUBO concept. Together with the modular design of the associated electronics, we can offer holistic system solutions without a multitude of interfaces.

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