Our Services

The service division is a major part of our business.
As such we see our after-sales service and support as a necessary supplementary added value to the customer.
We offer a wide variety of after-sales services to satisfy our customer’s needs and allow a continuous relationship.

Repair shop

Our Skilled Technical staff is armed with the right knowledge and experience to provide the level of technical support your vacuum equipment requires.
Our service lab handles equipment from all our principles as

well as brands from other manufacturers using original spare parts from our stock.
Officially trained at our principal’s facilities, our team handles pumps, vacuum gauges, leak detectors, glove boxes, plasma systems, PVD systems and more.

On site service

Our service car will arrive at your location and will conduct on site maintenance to maximize your vacuum gear performance. We bring the necessary spare parts and lubricants with us.
Service contracts are possible as well.

Leak Detection

A leak detection expert will arrive at your facility with a portables unit to assist in finding leaks using a Helium leak detector.
Quick response to get there per call on break downs is our strength.
Also we specialize in contract leak detection as part of your manufacturing process or as a station in your manufacturing line.

Sales from Stock

  • New Equipment
  • Refurbished Pumps
  • Oil & Grease
  • Spare parts

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